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The Campaign for Real Ale is the pub-goers champion. We promote fine beers in great pubs and defend the rights of the drinker. If you drink beer or like pubs CAMRA is the place for you! If you want to carry on drinking good beer in great pubs join CAMRA and protect your pleasure. For more information on CAMRA nationally have a look at the National CAMRA web-site.

If you want an introduction to CAMRA, please Start Here. This web site will show you who the Huntingdonshire Branch of CAMRA are, what we do and how to join in our activities. Here you'll find details of the branch and our campaigning activities (About our Branch), how CAMRA started (History of CAMRA), and the geographical area we cover (Branch Area Map), You can keep up to date on local pub and brewery news (Magazine), read more about our LocAle scheme promoting locally brewed beers, and find details of local pubs that offer Discounts to CAMRA Members. Check out our branch diary for details of meetings and social events (Branch Diary), listings of local pubs (Local Pubs) and local breweries (Local Breweries), and information about our St Ives and St Neots beer festivals and other local beer festivals (CAMRA Beer Festivals).

Hunts CAMRA 2015 LocAle Pub Trail

Our 2015 LocAle Pub Trail starts in early June when the Opening Times magazine is delivered to local pubs. Our LocAle Pub Trail is an opportunity to drink great locally brewed beer, support local community pubs, support local brewers, and win prizes donated by Red Brewery. Please join our LocAle Trail! You can download a form here - 2015 LocAle Pub Trail. Please remember to send your entry by 5th September 2015, to 13a Peppercorn Lane, Eaton Socon, St Neots, PE19 8HL.

Hunts CAMRA Pub Awards 2015

The following awards were presented during the Press and Trade Preview at the St Neots 'Booze on the Ouse' Beer and Cider Festival 2015. Congratulations to all winners and nominees.

The winner of the Overall Branch Pub of the Year is the King of the Belgians, Hartford

The King of the Belgians, Hartford is also the CAMRA Cambridgeshire Pub of the Year for 2015

Here are the details of all the other Pub Awards.

"Booze on the Ouse" Beer & Cider Festivals

Next Festival - St Ives
- The St Ives 'Booze on the Ouse' Beer & Cider Festival will be held at the
- Burgess Hall, St Ives, from Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th October.

* Festival Details *

- Thu - 5 to 11 pm
- Fri - Noon to 11 pm
- Sat - Noon to 10 pm

The BikeBus Explorer: This novel service is perfect for sampling the pubs along the A603 corridor west of Cambridge. It is planned to be launched on July 27, to serve villages west of Cambridge on Sundays and bank holidays. BikeBus Explorer Timetable

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  • Tuesday, 10:20 : RT @TinShedBrewery: We'll be delivering Black Stoat and Golden Weasel to @SmilingGrape tomorrow - pop down and grab a bottle before its all gone!
  • Friday 21st August, 10:36 : StIves #BoozeOnTheOuse is 8-10 Oct. Beers&Ciders are being ordered. Please let us know what you would like at the Festival
  • Tuesday 18th August, 23:06 : RT @sonofsidbrewery: Marquee up, bar up and beer racked up ready for the festival this weekend. At nearly 60 it shows I can still get most things up in time.
  • Tuesday 18th August, 07:06 : RT @redbrewery: Brewed our new Stout this week, a 6% Dusky Beauty - anyone suggest a name?
  • Friday 7th August, 12:05 : Happy International Beer Day! Celebrate by finding the best value pints…

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